Download D3DCompiler_38.dll

Download D3DCompiler_38.dll

You mistake the launch D3DCompiler_38.dll and the problem of the entrance to the d3dcompiler?
Begin to correct the error:
Check whether there is a file in the game d3dcompiler.
Also D3DCompiler_38.dll are located in the folder C: \ WINDOWS \ system32
If your computer is running 64-bit Windows, you desired folder is located at:
C: \ Windows \ SysWOW64 \.

When you copy a file to a folder, you need to register it.
Click on "Start, Run" or press the key combination Win + R
Writing in the open window, "CMD"
Next, type regsvr32 D3DCompiler_38.dll (example: regsvr32 D3DCompiler_38.dll)
To restart a computer. Error correction is completed.

Errors associated with d3dcompiler:
"File D3DCompiler_38.dll failed to register from d3dcompiler."
"D3DCompiler_38.dll not found."
"D3DCompiler_38.dll access violation."
"The file C: \ Windows \ System32 \ D3DCompiler_38.dll is not found."
"File D3DCompiler_38.dll missing from d3dcompiler."

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